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Totara Site Administrator V18 Latest version

The skills you need to administrate your Totara site

Supporting your extended enterprise solution with Totara Latest version

Supporting your extended enterprise solution with Totara

Making compliance count Latest version

Achieving regulatory and behavioural compliance

Using Totara for onboarding Latest version

Effective coaching to get the best from your people

Effective coaching for managers Latest version

Effective coaching to get the best from your people

Getting started with quizzes V15-18 Latest version

Creating effective assessment in your courses

SCORM activity V14-18 Latest version

Making your SCORM packages work in Totara Learn

Learning plans V13-18 Latest version

Creating bespoke curricula for your learners based on the data you hold about them

Open badges V13-18 Latest version

Recognising and sharing learner success inside and outside your Totara Learn site

What is a Talent Experience Platform? Latest version

Your new world of work

Competencies in Totara Perform V17-18 Latest version

Mapping and assessing your organisation’s skills

Workspaces in Totara Engage V16-18 Latest version

Driving user collaboration

Audiences V14-18 Latest version

Grouping your users to provide a personalised learning experience

Positions, organisations and job assignments V13-18 Latest version

Managing the structures that underpin your user data

Totara for beginners Latest version

Introducing Totara

Playlists and resources V18 Latest version

User-generated content curation

Dashboards and basic theming V18 Latest version

Branding and personalising your site

Goals V18 Latest version

Setting and managing goals

Courses and categories V18 Latest version

Creating and managing learning content

Multitenancy V18 Latest version

Supporting an extended enterprise structure

Course reports Latest version

Finding the right information about how users are interacting with your courses

Seminar management V16-18 Latest version

Managing your synchronous learning activities

Catalogue V13-18 Latest version

Helping learners find content

Programs and certifications V18 Latest version

Combining courses to create learning pathways

Appraisals V18 Latest version

Evidence-based reviews as part of modern performance management

Maximising apprenticeships with Totara Latest version

How to create outcomes-oriented learning experiences with action learning

Feedback and choice activities V13-18 Latest version

Interactive questions within the learning workflow

Notifications V17-18 Latest version

Making sure your users know what to do and when to do it

Content marketplace V16-18 Latest version

Immediate access to a wealth of off-the-shelf content

Grading, completion and certificates V15-18 Latest version

Monitoring and rewarding achievement

Totara mobile app V15-18 Latest version

Learning on the go

Evidence V14-18 Latest version

Uploading proof of skills and achievement

Totara Engage and Microsoft Teams integration: Learning in the flow of work V13-18 Latest version

Totara Engage and Microsoft Teams integration: Learning in the flow of work

Reports V13-V18 Latest version

Building, sharing and scheduling your own reports

Introduction to continuous performance management Latest version

Modernising your organisation’s approach to performance management

Creating users in Totara V13-18 Latest version

Getting users into your system

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Help documentation - extended support versions

Course restoration in progress copy 2

Course restoration in progress copy 1

Course restoration in progress


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Course Creator

The skills you need to create courses in Totara Learn

Totara Site Administrator V18

Totara Learn Site Administrator Program V16

Totara Engage Site Administrator Program V16