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Totara LMS Mobile application released 4th March 2015

Simon Coggins
Group Totara
Totara LMS Mobile application released 4th March 2015
by Simon Coggins - Thursday, 5 March 2015, 6:35 PM

I’m pleased to announce the release of Totara LMS Mobile application which is now available on github here:

Or as a direct download via these links:


Totara LMS Mobile is designed to supplement the LMS by providing fast mobile-friendly access to the components you are most likely to need while on the go. While Totara LMS fully supports mobile access via its responsive themes, the mobile app focuses on the key mobile use cases, providing a simpler access to the course catalog, tasks, alerts, face-to-face booking information and some course content.

Totara LMS Mobile consists of two independent components - a local plugin to be installed in your Totara LMS site and a javascript application to be installed directly on your web server. Once the local plugin has been installed and enabled mobile users can use their device’s web browser to visit the javascript application which should be served from your web server directly.


Totara LMS Mobile is being distributed “as-is”, as an open source contribution with the GPL3+ license. It is not covered by the subscription support agreement for ticketed support like Totara LMS. 

System requirements

Your Totara LMS site and javascript application MUST be served over HTTPS in order to secure the communication between the application and the client. 

The local plugin to be installed in your Totara LMS site requires a minimum version of Totara 2.7.0 but otherwise has no additional dependencies. 

The javascript application can be installed on any modern web server such as Apache2 or nginx.

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Install local plugin

Unpack the local plugin code in the folder local/totaramobile/ relative to your site’s web root.

Visit the admin notification page via Site Administration > Notifications to install the plugin

Visit Site Administration > Plugins > Web Services > Totara Mobile and tick the “Enable Totara mobile” checkbox.

Step 2: Install mobile application

Unpack the mobile application to a web-accessible folder on your web server.

We recommend you put the application in a folder on the same domain as your site as this is the default location the application expects. If your site is located in a sub-folder of the domain (for example then you should edit config.json and update the “installationdir” setting to match the path to your LMS (in this case ‘/totara-site’).

Step 3: Visit the mobile application

You should now be able to visit the mobile application at the URL where you installed it in step 2. If your LMS site and the application are on the same server and “installationdir” is set correctly, the URL field will automatically match your site’s homepage URL.

You should now be able to login with any account that exists on the main LMS.

Mobile language packs

Totara LMS mobile comes with support for language packs but isn’t currently distributed with a full set of translated strings. A partial translation of French is included with the application as an example of what is required. To localise the app for your language:

Add a file to lang/XX.js (where XX is the two-letter ISO code for the language). The file format should match the format in lang/fr.js.

Edit config.json and update the “availablelangs” array to add your new language as an option.

Login to the mobile app and visit Menu > Settings > Languages and change your language.

A starting point for translations that includes some of the strings is available here:

Compiling to a native app

Totara LMS mobile is built using PhoneGap which should allow it to be compiled into a native application for iOS and Android. While this process is known to work for Moodle Mobile (which Totara LMS mobile is based on), we have not tested this process for Totara LMS mobile.

There is some documentation on the process for Moodle here: