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To ensure any new person in your organisation gets off to the best possible start, they’ll need a solid onboarding experience. 

With Totara, you can create personalised learning experiences that allows your people to go from being a new hire to a new star performer in no time. 

Totara’s HR import feature allows new users to be quickly added to the system. 

As teams have different needs you can create dedicated onboarding courses and programs for the diverse roles in your organisation. 

Once added to the system, individuals can be automatically assigned to the correct learning resources based on their organisation, role, or location. 

If your organisation works internationally then you can present information in your team’s native language. 

Implement different themes and dashboards for your teams such as sales staff versus management staff. 

Make the site personal to ensure your team feel welcome from their first day. 

Build collaborative spaces, where new hires can meet their peers and introduce themselves. 

Create personal playlists of user-generated content and build knowledge banks. Allow experts within your organisation to directly share best practice with new starters. 

Once a user has completed their initial onboarding training, Totara can automatically add them to a learning plan ensuring they continue to develop their career within your organisation. 

So if you’re looking to create a personalised onboarding experience for your users that builds into a complete career development plan, then the Totara Talent Experience Platform has you covered. 

Last modified: Friday, 22 July 2022, 3:22 AM