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Program sets and time allowances

Colin Watt
Program sets and time allowances
by Colin Watt - Monday, 11 March 2013, 5:05 AM


I am seeking some clarification on programs and time allowances on sets to help my understanding.

I am using Totara 2.2.15 I have a program with 2 sets of courses both mandatory the program has been set up so set 1 is to be completed before set 2 can be accessed. The time allowance for set 1 is 1 day and the time allowance from set 2 is 1 day.

I have completed just completed set 1, but I am unable to launch set 2. I thought on completing set one I may be able to progress to set 2. I assume I cannot access set 2 yet as the time allowance for set 1 has not yet completed/passed, so after 1 day I will then be able to access to set 2. Is this correct?

Can you clarify when the time allowance on a set is triggered/started, does the countdown on the time allowance start from the day the learner launches a course within the set?

Many thanks


Craig Eves
Re: Program sets and time allowances
by Craig Eves (Totara Support) - Monday, 11 March 2013, 1:33 PM
Group Totara

Hi Colin

I have copied the explanation of the time allowance below - the completion criteria can be triggered a variety of ways based on user or course events.

Can you check to see if there are any users exceptions in the program which are preventing the users being added to the courses (these need to be resolved) If there are no exceptions it may be just that the completion cron job hasn't been run yet - its usually scheduled to run daily and can be modified to run more frequently.

Minimum time required

This value indicates a minimum amount of time that a user might realistically be able to complete the course set. It is used to determine if the completion period set on the "assignments" tab is realistic for a particular group of users. If the assignment is not realistic, a "time allowance" exception will be generated and the user will not be assigned to the program until the exception has been resolved.

For example, consider a program consisting of a single course set with a minimum time required of 10 days. If a user was assigned with completion criteria that required them to complete it in less than 10 days, then it would raise an exception report for that user.

When using completion criteria relative to a user, it is possible for some users to generate exceptions but not others - for example when using the "days since first login" criteria, each user would have their own deadline that may or may not be realistic.

When multiple course sets exist in a program the overall minimum time required for the program is calculated based on the worst-case scenario taking into account the course set logic. For example if a program consists of:

Course set1 [10 days] THEN Course set2 [5 days] OR Course set3 [7 days]

then the overall time allowance would be 17 days.

Re: Program sets and time allowances
by George Angus - Monday, 11 March 2013, 2:43 PM
Group Totara

Hi Colin,

The time allowance in this case is a minimum time allowance - so you cannout progress until it has passed.