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Release Notes removal

Stephen Catton
Release Notes removal
by Stephen Catton - Monday, 15 July 2019, 8:05 AM

Hi folks

Is it possible to move the release notes to a separate space where they do not come up in the forum search?

They are so long they make it hard using the search tool to look and see if my question has already been answered.



Craig Eves
Re: Release Notes removal
by Craig Eves (Totara Support) - Monday, 15 July 2019, 6:37 PM
Group Totara

Hi Stephen

The release notes are in a separate forum. The forum name can be specified in the Advanced search for a forum but only one forum can be searched at a time. If this isn't suitable then you could possibly use the words should Not be included 'Release'

Stephen Catton
Re: Release Notes removal
by Stephen Catton - Wednesday, 17 July 2019, 1:15 AM

Thanks Craig