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course duplicated by url

Germán Urrea
course duplicated by url
by Germán Urrea - Wednesday, 2 November 2022, 10:36 AM
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I have a course duplicated by URL, which when accessing and viewing the chapters, it disappears from my previously created learning plan, i need to visualize the course in my plan. When looking for it with the magnifying glass it does appear, but not in the plan.

Craig Eves
Re: course duplicated by url
by Craig Eves (Totara Support) - Tuesday, 15 November 2022, 6:58 PM
Group Totara

Hi Germán 

I am not sure why you have the same link in two activities to a course - is this an external course and is the course different?

Is the problem that the linked course doesn't appear in the plan - this is an activity rather than a course so wouldn't expect this to appear in the learning plan.