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In today’s uncertain world, the only certainty is change. To survive and thrive, your people need to be quick to adapt. And so do your systems.

Expensive, disconnected and inflexible systems block your potential.

People are the lifeblood of your organisation. It’s ineffective, time consuming and confusing to have the wrong tools, or be stuck with systems that can’t change with you. Inevitably, performance stagnates and engagement fades away.

You need talent management technology that will adapt with your organisation and enable your people to learn, engage and perform at their full potential: Skilled, connected, and aligned with company goals.

With the Totara Talent Experience Platform you can build a better workplace, increase resilience and prosper in today’s fast-changing world.

The three parts of the Talent Experience Platform combine to unlock the full potential of your people, ensuring they learn, engage and perform to deliver where it counts.

Totara Learn - the learning management system, trusted by millions of learners worldwide, upskills your workforce the way you want, with the power and flexibility to deliver transformational learning.

Totara Engage - the easy to use learning experience platform that engages and unites your workforce, using the power of collaboration and informal learning to reach peak performance.

And Totara Perform - the powerful performance management system that drives workplace productivity anytime and anywhere.

Combined, they form a unified experience for your people bringing together all the critical areas you need to thrive in your new world of work; learning, employee engagement, collaboration, high performance and, ultimately, productivity.

Visit the Totara website or talk to a Totara Partner to find out how we can help build your better workplace, increase resilience and prosper in today’s fast-changing world.

Last modified: Thursday, 8 July 2021, 1:19 AM