Where next?

As you approach the end of this beginners’ course, you might be wondering where to go for continued training and support? The great news is that being part of the Totara community means you’re never without support.

Find out about the different sources of information and support below.


You’re already here, so you know that the Academy has a wealth of learning materials to help you develop your skills in using Totara products. The Academy is continuously growing, as we release new courses and materials regularly.

The Academy offers both shorter courses on specific features and larger programs for learners who want a certification in a Totara product.

All of the courses available to you can be found in your catalogue. Why not enrol yourself in another course today?

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You’ve seen some of our Help documentation in this course already, but there’s plenty more where that came from. Totara Help provides detailed product documentation for each release, so you’ll need to know which version of the product you’re using.

Why not add a bookmark to Totara Help now so you’ll be able to find it quickly in future?

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Community discussion spaces

The Community forums and workspaces are where the Totara community comes together to share ideas and seek advice. You’re joining a large and dynamic network of partners and subscribers who will be a rich source of knowledge for you as you continue your Totara journey.

Join a workspace to ask questions and collaborate with other users around a particular subject. Or post in the Community forums if you have a broader question.

You can search the Community for past discussions about a subject you’re interested in, post your own questions, or respond to others’ posts.

There are different forums for discussions about the different Totara products, and you can even post ideas and vote for new features you’d like to see in future releases. We can’t wait to welcome you to the Community.

Do update your profile with a photo and other details so others in the Community will know who you are.

Community sector spaces

In the main Community forums and workspaces, you’ll be able to connect and collaborate with users from around the world in a wide variety of sectors. But sometimes, you might want to speak with other users working in similar organisations. That’s where our sector spaces come in. Moderated by users working in the sector, our sector spaces provide an opportunity to share and collaborate with your peers. Why not join a sector space today for your industry?

Healthcare sector space

Government sector space

Sign up to weekly microlearning emails

We know there can be a lot to take in when you're first working with a new system. Why not sign up for our weekly microlearning emails, where you'll get a video and some tips in your inbox each week? 

Community webinars

As a member of the Totara Community, you’ve got access to our regular schedule of webinars, sharing best practice, customer case studies and product tips and tricks. Visit our upcoming webinars page to sign up to a live event, or go to the catalogue to watch one of our webinars on demand.

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Your Partner

If you are a member of a subscriber organisation, your Totara Partner can support you in using your Totara products. Partners offer a range of services, including technical support and bespoke training. Partners can also raise a Helpdesk ticket on your behalf with the Totara Support Team if needed.

Why not speak to your Partner today to find out how they can support you?

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Last modified: Friday, 3 December 2021, 3:48 AM