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Scheduled reports sending 1 hour early

Michelle Lamont
Re: Scheduled reports sending 1 hour early
by Michelle Lamont - Tuesday, 22 July 2014, 5:48 PM


Unfortunately we're still experiencing the same issue with scheduled reports sending an hour early, I've just not had a chance until now to pick this up again.

In summary, it appeared that the upgrade we performed fixed the issue, but once again the first scheduled report emailed at the correct time but the next report the next day came through an hour early.

Between now and then I found that by forcing the timezone (selecting 'Australia/Sydney' in the 'Force timezone' field) the daily reports consistently came through at the correct time.  The problem with this is that our users aren't all in the same timezone, which obviously wouldn't be uncommon.  I know you can allow users to choose their own timezone, but at this stage we would rather not allow our users to edit their own profile.

What do you recommend the best approach is that will enable us to achieve what we need to achieve?  Should we add the 'timezone' field to Totara User Sync and set the correct zone in all user profiles that way?  If so, what should the Location fields be set to ('Default Timezone' and 'Force timezone')?

Thanks to everyone for their help to date.