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Totara Poll - Further Info Please

Sue Blake
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Totara Poll - Further Info Please
by Sue Blake - Friday, 13 August 2021, 1:18 AM

I recently voted on the Poll 'How do you engage users on your Totara site?'.

I was interested in some of the options particularly 'allowing users to rate and comment on resources' and 'allowing users to create their own resources and playlists' but can't find info on this in Totara Help.  

We are using Version 12 so wondered if that function was only available in later versions or is it something I could set up using a range of activities?

Any advice would be appreciated.



Rachel Griffith-Boyes
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Re: Totara Poll - Further Info Please
by Rachel Griffith-Boyes - Friday, 13 August 2021, 2:33 AM

Hi Sue,

Great questions! These two options were both referring to features available in Totara Engage, which was part of our Totara 13 release. There are a range of resources about Totara Engage on the Community, but you might start with our short explainer video or product sheet for a quick overview.

We actually use Totara Engage in the Community, so you can also get first hand experience of these features by going to Your Library. Here you can create, share and save resources and playlists. You can also share, like and comment on resources in the catalogue. I've just shared a social learning playlist with you to get you started. 

Any further questions don't hesitate to ask!